A Special Delivery

A SPECIAL DELIVERY                                      24 X 31

Thoughts on Special Delivery...

My husband used to send or bring me roses.
But then we started planting rose bushes, and now we have more than we want to count,
which is a far cry from the few he would gift me with years ago.
For several months of the year we have lots and lots of glorious roses,
and sometimes he cuts one or two and brings them to me in the studio;
and those are also very special deliveries.

These are Gemini Roses from our gardens.
I am delighted each year when they bloom
because I love their cream and coral colors
as well as how gently they change from one color to the other.
The colors are very delicate when the flowers are new,
and as they open the coral intensifies creating very dramatic open blossoms.

This painting is on canvas with a hand-carved and gilded frame.


Copyright 2009-2018 by Jane Jones