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Artist Statement

Brandy Rose

There is something truly celebratory about flowers in sunlight. Light invests them with energy and liveliness. Their transitory nature makes the moment an occasion that deserves to be savored and remembered with attention and care, drama and boldness. Throughout the painting process I remain aware of this and invest the painting with my experience of that moment.

Spare compositions, excluding all extraneous details of the external world, focus on a moment of elegance, harmony and dignity. The paintings are a still moment when the dimension of the outside world falls away. They illustrate my desire and hope for the possibility of that kind of order in the world.

Each painting is also an investigation into the formal relationships and contrasts between the organic materials and the curving shapes of the vases with the rigid geometry of the overall format of the painting.

The addition of stripes to my compositions adds another dimension to this exploration. The crisp geometry of stripes enhances the organic qualities of the flowers. Distorted by the glass, the stripes create intriguing abstractions of line and shape that invest the painting with movement. The stripes also compete with the flowers for attention and offer a study of how much visual competition the natural materials can withstand while maintaining their importance - a fascinating and sometimes delicate balance to find.

Recently I decided to be more overt in my expression of the power of nature in a series of paintings that contrast the ephemeral beauty of with more permanent materials, such as rocks (nature made), and bricks and other building materials that are manmade. I am concerned about the disruption of the balance of nature, and have to believe in and paint the everyday triumphs of nature.

The aesthetic pleasure of illuminated colors and forms is obvious in my paintings. I am also interested in beauty. It is something people respond to, is uplifting and hopeful…the desire for it is universal. Flowers occupy the elevated level of beauty, which moves us and evoke notes of aspiration to vibrate within us.





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