Brandy Rose

BRANDY ROSE                                                                                             26 x 28

Thoughts on Brandy Rose...

A few years ago I found this Alvar Aalto vase and
thought it would be really interesting to compose with and paint.
I love the way that wavy glass changes the optics of what is inside,
and that the flower stem and leaf ripple through the glass.

When I saw what happened with the stem and leaves in the glass,
I got excited about the possibilities of adding stripes to the composition.
I love stripes and they are a wonderful geometric "stage"
to set the organic shapes of flowers against.
These soft colors work really well with
the delicate color of this billowy blossom of Brandy Rose
that is one of my very favorite roses.

This painting is on canvas with a floater frame that has a gilded front face.


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