CASCADE                                                                        37 x 37

Thoughts on Cascade...

Several years ago when I purchased this vase, I knew that I wanted to arrange
calla lilies in it. For several years though I could not get the fabulous calla lilies
that had been available locally. I had to wait until the local grower re-established
his plants after disease had destroyed his 22-year collection of plants. I was
lucky enough to get the few flowers of his precious first crop, which are in this composition.

During my long wait, I found this fabulous fabric and knew that it too would find
itís way into a composition with calla lilies, whose petals also have such elegant spirals.

When I stand back from this painting, it looks like the flowers and vase are really
there on a dimensional ledge with drapery, all illuminated with sunlight.
When the illusions work for me, I know I have done a really good job.
This is one of my best, and expresses my gratitude for the precious gifts that are these calla lilies.


Copyright 2009-2010 by Jane Jones