Closing In

CLOSING IN                    56 x 31

Thoughts on Closing In...

This is part of my series of paintings about climate change.
In the 27 years of gardening at our house, we have noticed that it has become
harder to grow Hybrid Tea Roses, like this one.
The summers are hotter,
and in the rest of the year we are likely to have temperature changes
in a 24 hour period that can be more than 70 degrees,
which is very hard on all life forms.
These are hallmarks more heat and energy are in our atmosphere and
sometimes it seems like the "curtains are closing"
on our ability to grow our favorite non-native flowers and plants.

I chose this color for the curtains because it is the color of storm clouds.

This painting is on canvas with a floater frame that has a gilded front face.


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