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Exotic Treasures

Exotic Treasures                                 50 x 40

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice                                                         31 x 48

Commissions are a wonderful way to create a painting
that perfectly fits you,
your desires and needs. 

I will work with you to figure out the image that you want,
including the specific image, the colors, lighting, and size. 

For me, working with a client is an exciting and creative venture,
which includes ideas that are new to me and that reflect the interests and aesthetics of both of us.

I will do a photographic session with the objects and ideas that we
decide upon and then present the photographs to you
for your approval or further discussion.

Once an image is decided upon, I will create the drawing,
for your approval. 
I will ask you for anything that
you can give me for color suggestions, or to match,
and will present my paint mixtures along with the drawing. 

My intention is to create a painting that matches or exceeds your
expectations as a treasured image in your home or office.

I am always happy to discuss this as a possibility, so if this is something
that is of interest to you, please Contact Me through the link to the left.