Hello, Again

Hello, Again                                           22 x 12

Thoughts on Hello, Again...

My daffodils are favorites because they come up early each spring
and unless the snow is heavy enough to break their stems,
they are very sturdy in weather that would overcome other flowers.

The white, and white and pink colors are subtle enough that the form
of the flower is more noticeable than in their yellow cousins.

Several years ago we had a short stone wall built around a garden,
and I thought that I had moved all of the plants and bulbs from that
area, but I accidentally left behind a few daffodil bulbs.
Every spring since then the bulbs have pushed up leaves and buds
between the stones and the sidewalk.
They are determined to live and bloom, which makes me love them every year.

This painting is on canvas that is gallery wrapped,
with a floater frame to protect the sides.


Copyright 2009-2015 by Jane Jones