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Learn to paint tulips that are infused with sunlight. As light interacts with the petals, they come alive.  Learning what to look for and how to translate it into paint can have you creating flowers that are dancing with life. The details in each flower are what make each blossom uniquely beautiful and with this DVD you will learn how to analyze your reference material so that you can take your tulips to the next level of realism and beauty. Demonstrations are done using oils, but the information applies to all media.

Some of the topics included are:

  • Learn to create dimension and light in your tulips
  • Ways that light interacts with flower petals
  • Mixing colors so that all of your flowers are in harmony
  • Strategies for painting complicated areas of your flowers
  • Tips for photographing reference material
  • Gathering the right information for your reference material

The DVD comes in a DVD case with the line drawing that can be enlarged,
5 x 7 INCH reference photos and a list of supplies and color mixes that are used.

Length: Approximately 2 hours

Capturing the Beauty of Tulips

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