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Nature has created such marvelous beauty.
It is that, in a moment of light,
which I capture in my paintings.

Circle of Light

Welcome to my Website

It is my great pleasure to share my oil paintings with you.

I hope you enjoy the time that you spend with them.

I feel truly blessed to live in Colorado where so many fruits and flowers can be grown
and where there are such distinct seasons. 
Another very special quality here is the light. 
The low humidity and high altitude cause the light on most days to be very clear, bright and intense. 
It Illuminates them so beautifully, and gives exquisite clarity to the colors and details.
Unless otherwise specified,
all paintings are oil on board and have hand carved, gilded frames and liners.
In 2004 my book, Classic Still Life Painting was published and
has gotten great reviews and is in it's fourth printing. 
Click on the Book link to find out more about it.
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