SUNCATCHERS    39 x 18

canvas giclee print  $645

Thoughts on Suncatchers...

In the spring and early summer, irises are the queens of my gardens.
And they are available in an amazing array of color combinations and
shapes...some are very ruffled, others are billowy, and some are really majestic,
like these Bold Fashion irises.

The flowers are always amazing and gorgeous
but their most special quality is how they light up in sunshine.
The petals are very thin, so they the light up beautifully,
and the inner spaces where the petals all come together glow
as if the light is captured inside of the flower.

My favorite quality of flowers is how they interact with the light,
and that is the reason why I had to create this painting.

This painting is on canvas with a hand-carved and gilded frame.


Copyright 2009-2016 by Jane Jones