TANGO                                                            30 x 22

Thoughts on Tango...

When I ordered these tulip bulbs I had another kind of composition in mind for them,
but when they graced my garden last year, they had other ideas for me!
I love fancy ruffled, multicolored tulips so much, and was so pleased when I saw these blooming.
At the Denver Art Museum there is a painting by the 17th century Dutch painter Maria van Oosterwyck, (published in my book)
which has one of the most beautifully painted tulips I have ever seen.
Her 17th century Dutch painting has been an inspiration to me for years and
one of my artistic goals has been to paint a tulip as beautifully as the one in her painting.

Maria’s flower is an entirely different color and type of tulip, but there are similarities between hers and mine
that I know are borne from a similar love for their beauty.


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