The Gift

THE GIFT                                      62 x 44

Thoughts on The Gift...

I think a lot about how we can protect nature,
and think it is deeply important that we take care of our home,
and have thought about how to translate the idea of protection into my work.

When flowers are shipped, either in the amazing wholesale world of flowers,
or as special occasion gifts, they are protected with tissue paper.
I really love the edgy crunchiness of it contrasted
with the smoothness of the flower petals and glass.
Here I shaped it so that it is embracing,
or protecting these roses that are from my gardens.

I sent a picture of The Gift to a dear friend of mine,
and I was so touched by her response it that I want to share it here:

"I woke this morning and checked my emails and I had the most wonderful
surprise. Jane, this is the most beautiful painting of your career.
It moved me so much and brought tears to my eyes.
It is spectacular, powerful, emotional and spiritual.

The paper reminds me of a particular cathedral in Spain where the
sculptural angels ascend to heaven or the heavenly ceiling of the church."

I thought about this all day and reflected on the years that I taught Art History
and time spent with (in person and classroom) the grand churches in Europe.
I have used the Gothic pointed arch shape in paintings before,
and it is certainly a shape that I love and think of as "protection".
While it was not a conscious intention when I composed this painting,
it is a part of the image.
I am grateful for my friend who saw it, and pointed it out to me.

This painting is on canvas with a gilded front face on a custom floater frame.


Copyright 2009-2016 by Jane Jones