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Art Students League
of Denver

200 Grant St.
Denver, Colorado 80203

I teach on-going painting classes and 8-week workshops in Color Theory and Composition at The Art Students League of Denver. The content for my painting classes, A Taste of Underpainting and Glazing, and Luminous Color with Underpainting and Glazing is much the same as for my workshop of the same title.

In my painting classes I teach a technique that you can use to create jewel-like colors that look like they are lit from within.  This is a slow technique, with a lot of safety nets, so that you can make a painting with confidence, and a high level of realism.

A Taste of Underpainting and Glazing is my introductory painting class that is arranged to give you the opportunity to learn the underpainting and glazing technique by painting a small image that combines several ways of layering oil color.  This way you can learn the basics of the technique and decide if it is one that will work with your painting aspirations.


Luminous Color with Underpainting and Glazing is for those who want to continue to learn and study this technique using their own still life ideas.  Every painting is a series of problems to solve, and I will be there to help you solve those, avoid some, and learn the best way to approach painting in general, and how to use this exquisite technique to create paintings that are luminous and appear to be lit from within. 


Color Confidence I: How not to be a color victim is an 8-week workshop that covers most of the material described for my
Color Confidence workshop.


Color Confidence 2: Controlling the Expressive Qualities of Your Colors is also an 8-week workshop that builds upon the skills learned in my Color Confidence 1 workshop and delves deeper into the expressive qualities of color and the control that you have with a limited palette.

Color Confidence 3 and 4:  In these advanced color mixing classes you will learn how to create harmonious paintings using limited color palettes, how to be more specific with your color choices for whites, grays, shadows, greens, skin colors and others.  Emphasis will be placed on creating colors that are perfect and harmonious, mixing efficiency, and color expression.


Composition 1: The Elements of Design is an 8-week workshop that explores elements of design. The principles and elements of design are the tools artists use to create images that are expressive and cohesive. In this class we will consider the elements only: line, shape, edges, space, light, texture and color. These are the building blocks for creating images. You will learn about the elements through slide presentations and projects, so that you can see how the elements of design can work for you in your images.  

Composition 2: The Principles of Design is an 8-week workshop that explores the principles of design. The principles of design consider how the elements are put together to build a unified and compelling image. Working with the elements and principles is like juggling, but it can be fun, and very rewarding when you know how to use them. There will be slide presentations and projects for you to do so that you can learn how to use the principles in meaningful and exciting ways in your images.

Composition 3 and 4:  In these 8-week workshops you will use what you learned about the Elements and Principles of Design to create weekly paintings (or use the media of your choice).   It is too easy to take classes such as Composition, and then forget what you learned, so this class is the practical application of the Elements and Principles so that you can learn how to use them to make your paintings more successful.


You can find the schedule for these classes by visiting the website for

The Art Students League of Denver,

The easiest way to find the classes that I teach is to click on Courses, choose Search Courses, then use the drop down box to Select the Semester, then use the Instructor drop down box to find Jane Jones and then click on Search.

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