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Jones is a Denver native and continues to live near there at the foot of her beloved Rocky Mountains, where the light that she loves is bright and clear, and the seasons, which influence her work, are definite in their character and moods. Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1976, Jones chose not to work in that field. She says of the education that “Looking into the lives of cells, plants and animals gave me a glimpse into the awesome power of living things and an incredible respect for them”, which informs her work today.

Later Jones graduated from art school, and went on to earn a Masters of Arts degree in Art History, which she taught at two colleges in the Denver area for over 20 years. Through art history studies, she came to know the lives and styles of many of the master artists of the past. Two artists whose work has influenced her are Michelangelo for his dedication to his work, clarity of composition and communication, and the paintings of Johannes Vermeer have influenced her aesthetic of light in painting as well as her technique. The Dutch still life and floral masters have enriched Jones’ sense of historical roots in subject matter. They remind her that an appreciation and aesthetic of beauty in ordinary things has a long and rich tradition.  

She has embraced these historical influences but it is her belief that each artist must be of their own time and place. However, Jones uses them to create paintings that are contemporary and based in her own aesthetics, beliefs and life experiences. Her art reflects her academic studies as well as her passion for the power, beauty, and fragility of life.


Her paintings have won numerous national awards including the Award of Excellence in Blossoms II: Art of Flowers at the Naples Museum of Art 2011 and she is the author of Classic Still Life Painting. She currently teaches at The Art Student’s League of Denver, which is based on the format and traditions of its namesake in New York.

Jones’ work has won numerous awards and has been exhibited nationally in museums and galleries, and is represented nationally.  She is the author of Classic Still Life Painting.

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