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Color Confidence Workshop

Learn to mix the EXACT COLOR every time!

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Color Confidence - Color Chart Pages1000

In this workshop you will learn how to MIX THE EXACT COLOR THAT YOU WANT EVERY TIME!

Are you tired of mixing the wrong colors and wasting precious paint and time?  This class will help you identify what color you want to mix and then how to mix it efficiently. The basics of color theory will be covered, but most of the class will be spent mixing color and making small paintings as examples of the expressive and communicative power of colors.  Using a limited palette will help you develop a foundation for how to think about color mixing.  In this class color theory will come alive as color expression. You will also learn about how colors affect each other so that you can compose with color freely and meaningfully.

Creativity is sometimes chaotic, but color mixing doesn’t have to be, it can be a tool to express your creativity and this class will make it just that.  This is a workshop for all painting media.

Color Confidence Workshop vs. Confidence with Color Mixing DVDs


  • Personalized Instruction

  • I can make corrections to your work

  • Interactive Discussions

  • More material is covered

  • Learn from the successes and mistakes of other students


  • Can play the DVDs repeatedly

  • You're in your own comfortable surroundings

  • You can work at your own pace

  • Less expensive

  • Close-up view of mixing on my palette

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