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Luminous color!  As artists we are so quickly attracted and entertained by color. It’s the focus of our lives! This workshop will teach you how to use layers of transparent color over an underpainting to create color that is jewel-like and looks like it is lit from within. Click on the image to learn more about this workshop and the other paintings that will teach you how to create luminosity in your paintings!  

This is one of the workshop paintings available for you to paint. There are two others as well. Learn More.

Luminous Colors Workshop.jpg

How not to be a color victim

In this workshop you will learn how to MIX THE EXACT COLOR THAT YOU WANT EVERY TIME! Click on the color wheel to learn more about this workshop that will set free to mix colors with confidence!  Click to learn more about this workshop.


Color Confidence Workshop.jpg

Glass objects within a painting can add sparkle and interest, and creating illusions of glass successfully can give you such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. When we bring our preconceived ideas about what glass “really” looks like to the process, it can become frustrating. But when you know how to THINK about painting glass, many of the mysteries vanish and leave you with great illusions of glass. In this workshop you will begin with painting some simple transparent glass, and then some colored glass, and an easy piece of cut glass. Throughout the workshop you will learn how to create strategies for creating great illusions of glass in YOUR paintings. Learn More.

Transparent Illusions Workshop.jpg


Throughout this intensive week of study, you learn strategies to create convincing illusions of flowers, as well as gain a thorough understanding of underpainting and glazing in oil. Working from both fresh and silk flowers, you focus on painting detailed studies of several different floral varieties to learn their specific characteristics and artistic challenges.

You start with a focus on understanding the structure of the flowers, their form and dimensionality, and how they interact with the space around them. Beginning with detailed drawings, you progress to neutral and colored underpaintings, which you glaze with layers of transparent color akin to painting with stained glass. Your workshop experience is also enhanced by demonstrations and individual critiques. Drawing skills are necessary as the drawings will not be provided. This workshop is for intermediate and advanced painters.


Jane Jones - Rose Rhapsody.jpg
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