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Transparent Illusions Workshop

Successful Techniques and Strategies for Painting Glass


This is the working photo for my Transparent Illusions Workshop. I am currently working on the painting, but want you to see the image that students will be painting in the workshop. Glass objects within a painting can add sparkle and interest, and creating illusions of glass successfully feels like such a wonderful accomplishment! It's like you have your own magic wand for painting. I am so excited about teaching this workshop. It took me many years to learn how to paint really convincing illusions of clear, colored and cut glass. In this workshop I am going to share my experience with you so that you can feel confident about creating these magical illusions in your paintings. I have figured how to paint glass so that I can paint any glass illusion successfully, and I am going to teach you everything that I know...tricks, strategies, and techniques.

When you know how to THINK about painting glass, the mysteries about how to create something that is transparent with opaque paint will vanish and leave you with great illusions of glass. Throughout the workshop you will learn how to create strategies for the class painting and for YOUR own work.

Each day we will work together to create your marvelous illusions so that by the end of the workshop you will be adding the final highlights and details that make magic in your painting.

Each person will receive a drawing to trace, and several photos to work from, as well as notes and some written instructions, including the color mixes. We will work slowly and carefully so that you can understand what you are doing and why. This way, you will know how to take what you learn in the workshop and use it in your own compositions.

I will do demonstrations to show you exactly what you need to do, and then coach you through the process.

I hope you will join me for this workshop that so many people have asked me to teach! It’s the workshop that I wish I had attended twenty years ago!

*You will need good brush control for precise painting and know how to blend oil paint. If you have any concerns or questions about your skills, please contact me using the CONTACT JANE link, and I will be happy to help you to evaluate your skills. My goal in this workshop is to make it a really useful and successful workshop for those who have the appropriate painting skills.

Transparent Illusions Workshop vs. How to Paint Glass DVDs


  • Personalized Instruction

  • I can make corrections to your work

  • Interactive Discussions

  • More material is covered

  • Learn from the successes and mistakes of
    other students


  • Can play the DVDs repeatedly

  • You're in your own comfortable surroundings

  • You can work at your own pace

  • Less expensive

  • Close-up view of brush work on the painting

  • Close-up view of mixing on my palette

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