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Irises are majestic flowers that command attention in any painting and on this DVD you will learn strategies for painting the light on the billowy upper petals, and discover the anatomy of the lower petals so you can create their dramatic arches and curves.  You will discover how to paint the flutters and ruffles on the petal edges that are so much a part of these flowers’ attraction.

Demonstrations are done using oils, but the information applies to all media.

Some of the topics included are:

  • Create dimension and realism with edges that dance
  • Strategies for painting complex areas and how to simplify for clarity and beauty.
  • Going beyond the information in your reference photos: what to look for and how to add it.
  • Capturing the effect of light in the delicate petals
  • Paying attention to the small details for realism
  • Simplify for clarity and beauty

The DVD comes in a DVD case with the line drawing that can be enlarged,
5 x 7 INCH reference photos and a list of supplies and color mixes that are used.

Length: Approximately 2 hours

Capturing the Beauty of Irises

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