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How to Mix the Right Color Every Time. This set of three DVDs has all of the color mixing information that you will ever need to mix the color that you want EVERY TIME. I have included all of the color mixing information that I teach in my Color Confidence Workshops and Classes (which cost quite a bit more). You will learn to use the qualities of color: hue, value, temperature and intensity so that your color mixing time will be FUN and more efficient. Four different projects are presented and demonstrated, and if you complete them, you will find that your color sensitivity increases as you learn how to mix the colors that YOU WANT, not just what you got from your paint. There are a lot of subtleties about color mixing that can make your paintings sing with life and light, and when you complete the projects on these DVDs you will have confidence that you can make that happen. These DVDs are great for beginners who want to start with a superb foundation in color theory and mixing, as well as for more advanced painters who think they missed some important information along their painting journey. All of the demonstrations are done with oil paint, but the information and projects are appropriate for any media. Three DVDs come in a DVD case with a materials list, some quick notes, and all of the templates needed to create the projects that are presented and demonstrated. Length: Approximately 6 hours


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Confidence With Color Mixing

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