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Create these dazzling colors with underpainting and glazing. The difference here is that the underpainting has color!Opaque colors can be beautiful, but the brightest ones are transparent and are best used as glazes. To create the brightest color, I show you how to create a colored underpainting that will create colors that glow with life and light. The keys to a successful underpainting are presented along with how to create the illusion of light in your underpainting. Then you will learn how to create glazes that add glorious depth and richness to your painting. You will also see how I made changes to the working photo to create a better painting. The DVD comes in a DVD case with the line drawing that can be enlarged, reference photos and a list of supplies and color mixes that are used. Length: Approximately 2 hours

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Creating Luscious Colors with Colored Underpaintings

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