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This DVD will show you, step-by-step, how to paint a piece of simple clear glass. You will learn how to paint this piece, but also how to think about the process so that you can paint a simple piece of clear glass in your still life. You will also learn the three things to keep in mind while you paint glass, and how to mix the colors of "clear" glass, and how to make the shines really stand out. The illusion of clear glass can be intimidating, but this DVD breaks it into small, easy steps. Once you create your own illusion of glass, you will be hooked! You will also learn how to paint the simple petals of a pansy that glows with color and personality. Although the demonstration is done with oils, the process can be done in any media. The DVD comes in a DVD case with the line drawing that can be enlarged, reference photos and a list of supplies and color mixes that are used. Length: Approximately 2 hours

OR, click here to order the Glass DVD Set: 3 DVDs including Introduction to Painting Clear Glass, Painting the Beauty of Colored Glass, and Painting the Beauty of Colored Glass.

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Introduction to Painting Clear Glass

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