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Hard and shiny fruits and brass. This DVD will teach you how to use the underpainting and glazing technique that many of the Old Master artists used to create luminous effects in their paintings. But I have updated the technique so that modern, safe materials are used to paint the underpainting that is layered with beautiful transparent glazes. The final effect in the painting is that the objects glow with an inner light and life. You will learn brush techniques so that your paint is smooth as you develop the forms of the objects with a neutral brown underpainting. Then you will learn how to apply layers of transparent color on top of the underpaintings as these beauties come to life in your painting. You will see how you can slowly build the darks in your painting so that you get drama and depth that brings a painting to life. This is a great DVD for learning the technique for beginners, or for more advanced artists who want to add a new technique to their abilities. The DVD comes in a DVD case with the line drawing that can be enlarged, reference photos and a list of supplies and color mixes that are used. Length: Approximately 2 hours

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Luminous Color with Underpainting & Glazing

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